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about Becca*

Emotional Wellbeing guide


Formerly anxious AuDHDer

On the outside I looked happy, calm and confident...and I usually was!

But I was often one thought away from feeling like 💩 about myself, and 99% of the time it was related to other people. Me comparing myself to them, me wondering what they thought of me, me reacting to how they responded to me....

I've spent all my adult life looking for answers to "How do they do that...?" and "Why can't I do that...?" , trying out and training in techniques and modalities to feel better about myself.

Then with motherhood also came the added "gift" of an existential crisis. I was no longer an English teacher - my identity, that thing I was great at - and I certainly wasn't feeling like a good mother (ehm, hello Post Natal Depression) so who the hell was I? I lost my language skills, I could barely complete a sentence in English, I felt so sad that my son had a sad useless mum.

I say gift because it lead me to the explanations and tools that got me out of the pit. He wasn't an easy baby and in focussing on how to make him calmer I found explanations for my own struggles,and ways to overcome them.

I felt like I was slashing through the jungle in the dark, with a rather blunt machete at times, with plenty of dead ends and distractions along the way, but I've cleared a path for others so their journey is easier. 

These days nothing makes me happier than sharing what I've learned with others who are on their own quest to feel better about themselves. I've been learning and using a number of healing modalities  - insatiable learner, moi? - for the last 25 years.

I feel especially qualified to support those whose paths or quirks intersect with mine - TESOL teachers, language learners, social anxiety sufferers and neurodivergent souls - though if you are a human with feelings, that's enough of an overlap for me to give you my best too!


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Want to have a chat about your situation and explore the best way to help you? This may include the option of working with me, or to direct you to other resources,  but it won't be a pushy sales call  - those make me run a mile, so I would not inflict that on you!

* Overshare, self-absorbedness.... things I've been called out on all my life. Well that's how I process as a neurospicer, so now instead of feeling bad about it I'm owning it.


But the sessions will be all about you, I'll only bring my experience in where I think it can help your process.

What is most personal is most universal. Carl R. Rogers.

dragons on different roads to ancient Rome.jpg

Some Dragons of Social Anxiety - Perfectionism, People Pleasing, Harsh Inner Voice, Procrastination, Other People's Opinions

They were a constant shadow in all areas of my life

As a language learner

As a teacher and teacher trainer

As a human who wanted badly to connect

All roads lead to Rome

( Or how all my messes lead me here)

This could read like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, with the heroine, moi,  setting out on a quest, battling a massive dragon (and its babies) along the way, and at this stage of the story she's sitting happily on her hill, helping others to the top too.

And yes, I've changed metaphors, humour me!

Maybe there are more hills to climb and there are certainly more dragons to tame, but for now it's time to share what I've learnt.

This is why I'm passionate about helping others with these dragons - if I can tame them, you can too. Especially because these are often dragons other people can't even see, or if they do they think we're talking about pesky little mosquitoes we can swat away, not the grotesque monsters we see.

I know they are real to us, and I know they stop us from showing ourselves in our full glory. That's why I want to help.

Do you want to check if we're a good fit? Then....

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