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Teachers at Ease

What do you bring to the classroom?

Teacher and students create a dynamic together, with the teacher's classroom presence dictating a  large part of how the classroom feels.

What the teacher brings set the mood.

Are you always happy with what you bring?

Image by Seema Miah

Are there some classes you dread?

Feeling relaxed and at ease is a key ingredient to the rapport you establish and maintain with your students, which in turn influences their affective barrier and capacity for learning. This human connection has the upper hand over learning alone.

However, there are many reasons why a teacher may dread a certain class. Going in feeling anxious is something students often pick up on; at best distracting from learning, at worst affecting how it's delivered and received.

If you feel "you're only as good as your last class" a bad class can leave you feeling inadequate, and negatively affect the next time you teach the class, and even snowball into chronic dread.

From Teacher's a nervous wreck to Teacher's at Ease

Together we'll explore your trigger scenarios and employ proven body-mind tools to locate and dissolve the blocks to being your best self with all your students.

Image by Seema Miah

Why I can I help you

I've  been there, and I'm out the other side!

I started teaching English in 1993, getting my Cert TESOL in 1997 and Diploma in 1999. As a founding member of Oxford House College, Barcelona,  I worked there as a Senior Teacher and teacher mentor, including 5 years as a Teacher Trainer for Oxford TEFL, until motherhood brought on a mental health crisis and a necessary career break ensued.

Leaning in to "my mess is my message" I am now passionate about using all I've learned in my journey out of that hole to support language learners, teachers and other humans to manage their stress and thrive, even with anxiety.

Calm Sea
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