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Emotional Freedom Techniques,
or Tapping


Tapping combines my two passions - what makes people tick and energy work. I'm particularly drawn to it as it has caused the biggest transformation in my life, particularly with regard to anxiety and confidence. As someone lucky enough to have had a Trauma free childhood, I've spent my life wondering how I ended up so paralyzed by so many situations. I spent so long on the "feel the fear and do it anyway" ride and did "scary" things that never had lasting results  - and probably did more harm than good  - in many brave and failed attempts to "get over myself".

Now, thanks to Tapping  I experience an increasing ease of action and decision taking, and trust in myself that I don't recall ever having. It's maybe not something you want to be seen doing in  public, but we have ways of doing it discretely too.

So, what is tapping?

Tapping, or EFT,  is like emotional acupuncture without the needles. 

After talking about issue and your goal, tapping involves you  - or me, if  you choose in person - literally tapping on a series of points on the face and body, while tuning into the emotions, sensations ,memories or fantasies we want to transform or release. It is here that we become detectives, following the clues we uncover that lead us to where it all began, allowing us to render painful memories neutral and  replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones.


Tapping is a very gentle technique to release blockages on an emotional, mental or physical level. 

We start where you are - I don't need to know the whole story, just what's bothering you now, for example you can't be around your new cat without your eyes streaming, or you go into panic if you think of boarding a plane, you feel terrible about smoking but you can't stop. 

Is tapping for you?

EFT  (tapping) has helped millions of people around the world in the last 40+ years.  Whether in Barcelona or elsewhere in Europe, I can help you feel freer if you feel:  

...stressed by aspects of your life

...annoyed you spend too long ruminating about what just happened

...trapped by self imposed limitations

...stuck in habits that don't serve you

...held back by harsh self-critisism

...restricted by "lessons" you learnt as a child don't know why you can't while others can

...feel that you are sabotaging your own success

On a tangible level that may mean anything from getting rid of insomnia or a frozen shoulder, to taking the steps to bring in more clients or face a job interview that terrifies you, from clearing an allergy to cats to standing up for yourself like never before. Maybe it's just as simple and profound as feeling more comfortable in your own skin.

EFT is very focussed - if you know what it is you want to work with, be it uncomfortable memories or associations, addictions, or specific fears or phobias for example, tapping is a great choice.

The beauty of tapping is you can reveal as much or little information as you wish. It is gentle and powerful. You have the answers, you will be the one who finds your path through your stuff while I hold space for you.

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