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Nervous System Regulation

What's the ideal state?

Well that depends, right?

But in this society, this culture, this time in our history on earth, we tend to spend an awful lot of time in the Threat System or the Drive System, and not enough time in the Soothing system.

Our nervous systems get a lot of stimulation and not that much time without it  -  changing that is in our hands!

So here's a reminder of some common sense practices that are good for us all. I confess, I only started really putting these into play when I identified with being an HSP, like I finally had a good excuse to say no to certain things and prioritise my wellbeing.

Excercise or movement

Obvious, right? Even a brisk walk, some squats or star jumps, something to get the major muscle groups moveing will help make use of  or disperse all the excess adrenaline and oxygen we have flooding our bodies in the fight or flight threat response.

Even when you're not in it, it's well known that we are built for movement, not sedentary lives. Find a way to move that makes your heart sing and just do it!

Support of Friends

We are wired for interdependance, wired for connection. Community is one of the key factors in wellbeing, and if it can't be in person, online friends on your wavelength, even if just one or two who support you in both your highs and your lows, who don't judge, who get you and see how glorious you are, warts and all.


Drink.More.Water. Nuff said.


There's a lot written about how your gut health affects your nervous system, I won't even start. But notice what makes you feel more alive and vibrant and what saps your energy and makes you feel sluggish. Sensitive nervous systems tend to do less well when either under or overfed, so carry something in your bag you can scoff in an emergency. Hanger is real.


Less screen time, more green time! Even if just looking at the trees and sky as you walk around, instead of your phone, but ideally make time for time outdoors, soaking up beautiful scenery, breathing fresh air and maybe even moving too.


Tough one this if you already suffer from anxiety, it becomes a vicious circle. So much out there on how to improve sleep higiene, but I'll just add that you can try just cupping your face, so your fingers are touching some of the points like beside and under the eyes, it's less stimulating than tapping at night, but if you do tap, tap slowly.

So that's the basics!

If you can add in any of the following to your daily/weekly/monthly routine, your nervous system will love you even more!

EFT/ Tapping

Since I've been tapping (almost) daily my general anxiety has disappeared, my social anxiety (with focussed work too) gets better and better all the time, and I can take things in my stride like never before. And that's with the nervous system of an AuDHDer!


So many styles to choose from - and here is a lovely way to incorporate tapping into yoga!


Another one which uses energy healing, and we are still hard pressed to explain how. But try it, it feels amazing, deeply soothing and restorative.


The effects of massage are cumulative for regulating the nervous system, so as well as the in the moment joy of skilled experienced hands, it's a great investment long term to get a regular treatment.  Recommended! (You can trust me, I used to be a massage therapist too! ;)


Studies have found that after consistant meditation the amygdala (a key player in our fight or flight response) actually shrinks!!! Here's a lovely practice that combines tapping with meditation.


Simple box breathing (in for 4, hold for 4, out for 4, hold for 4) and making your out breath longer than your in breath are known to be one of the few ways we can influence our autonomic nervous system in the moment. There are many different ways you can harness the power of your breath for your increased wellbeing.  (Recommended!)


The act of becoming the observer, ideally the compassionate observer, of your experience has untold benefits. We are so much more than our thoughts, emotions and sensations.

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