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AKA  Foreign Language Anxiety

It's a feeling of nervousness, worry and unease experienced while learning or speaking a foreign language.

The fact it has a name and is studied hopefully makes you feel less alone.

So what can we do about it?

Are you embarrassed to admit how long you've been learning English?

You've studied for years, you know your stuff - now release your blocks to speaking it!

I offer one-to-one support, in English, to take your spoken English from awkward to comfortable, even confident ...even if it's not perfect ;-)

(And I'm not talking about more English classes!)

Image by tabitha turner
Image by Gemma Evans

About you

You feel stuck. And frustrated. Or resigned.

You've been studying for years and have  a decent level "on paper". But when it comes to speaking it just doesn't come out they way you know it could.

You want to have easy conversations, feel confident giving a presentation or speaking in meetings - you want to use the English that you know!

You don't need more English classes.

You don't need a new teacher.

That's not your problem. And it's not just a question of confidence.

What will help you is to address the ways your nervous system has decided that it's safer to not speak up in some situations or with some people.

And if you're open to trying something different that will aIso give your English a boost, I can help you do that.

About me

I've been there! I have so much compassion for you!

I've been a language learner, a language teacher, a teacher trainer and someone who's had difficulty saying what I want to say, and not because I didn't know how to. I know how frustrating, embarrasing and limiting it can be.

I've always been fascinated by what makes people tick, why some 'can't' where others 'can'. I have ample training and experience in using mind-body tools to help you free your language and get unstuck.

Combining my experiences with language learning and my obsession with personal growth and the mind-body-soul connection,  I'm passionate about helping language learners break through their embarrassment and blocks and show the world what they have to say!

Image by Arno Smit
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