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Do you want to know more about tapping?

Here you can find resources and a selection of links to sites I've found really useful over the years.

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Nick Ortner (The Tapping Solution) and his family have done a lot in the last 16 years to get this tool into the hands of millions.

If you want more reseach you can download a fascinating summary of studies and statistics from them.

For a more concise summary (2022) from EFTInternational, the association I trained and get mentorship from, go here

Want more? Peta Stapleton is a pioneering researcher in EFT, here is her summary to download.

Dawson Church has compiled his many research studies and those of others here if you'd prefer to focus on the area that you'd like to see some change in.

Ready made resources

If you want to work on particular issues you can check out Tap with Brad on YouTube. 

You can also combine tapping with other modalities, see here for a lovely tapping meditation from Dawson Church and here for using tapping with yoga from Marie Holliday. 


For more big names in the tapping community, see:


Finally, here’s a short video of how popular tapping has become.

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