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"He who lives in harmony with himself, lives in harmony with the Universe"

Marcus Aurelius 


My aim, my joy, my passion is to help you live in harmony with yourself, whatever that means to you.

I imagine you're here because you've got "stuff".


I certainly have, though less and less as I tap it out .  It doesn't have to be big T Trauma, it can just as easily be little t trauma, especially if you are neurodivergent, like me (I definitely identify as autistic,but think AuDHD might be more accurate, but that's another story ;)

Stuff happens, it has an impact on what we believe about ourselves, others, the world.  Our ever learning brains flag such incidents and  warn us and try and keep us safe when something similar comes along, so as not to be hurt again. That's why we get triggered. It can even become our story, our identity.

But if you long for a feeling of harmony, of being comfortable in your own skin, maybe I can help.

If you envision yourself to be so much greater, so much freer, and would love to do or feel or be certain things that seem just beyond your grasp, maybe I can help you. 


Eastern traditions have known for millennia that there is no separation between the mind, body and soul - what affects one ripples out to effect the others, or in the case of trauma, it's less of a ripple and more of a tsunami.  Thoughts pass through our heads, sometimes under the radar of the conscious mind, triggering emotions, which in turn release hormones and physical responses, which then perpetuate signals telling us we are safe or not.  As for the soul, I understand that our sense of connection to ourselves, to others, to nature, to life in general is a function of the soul, often via the body, and when we are disconnected from this we live too much in our heads, we are incomplete.

My work consists of using a combination of  energy-psychology techniques that will help you most to find your  balance, connection and freedom. 

At the centre of my work is EFT and each session is completely adapted to what and who you bring in that moment. We can work with a particular focus, or use the Elephant in the Room approach, as my mentor calls it.

I'm a lifetime learner and always adding to what I do with what inspires and intrigues me, there's usually some training ongoing - recent interests have been IEMT, tuning forks and I've picked up my PsychK practice after a long break. And Reiki of course, my oldest companion tool!

In Our Hands - my philosophy...

If you've ever seen tapping, the hands part is obvious, right?

When we work together you are placing your trust and your stuff  In My Hands. I commit to my own continued growth so I can keep giving you my best, and of course what happens in session, stays in session.

That you have the best result is In Your Hands - for any healing or growth to take  place, you need to be engaged and committed - you need to show up, have skin in the game.  No therapy is a silver bullet but when you're willing to put in the effort the magic happens.

I'm here to work and walk with you on this journey of feeling more comfortable and more at home in your own skin.

Together, your feeling better is...
In Our Hands.

Where the magic happens

If you live in Barcelona I can offer you sessions at my peaceful home office, or at your place of work if that is appropriate. A face to face EFT session allows me to actually tap on you, so you can relax and focus purely on the words and feelings and shifts.

For clients outside of Barcelona I have ample experience of guiding EFT sessions online , where you would tap on yourself, with equal success. 

It doesn't really matter which language the sessions take place in, as the work is also effective with minimal speaking.  I speak English and pretty decent Spanish provided I've slept and I can also refer you to trusted colleagues if you'd prefer to work in German, Russian, Italian, Catalan ,Slovene or native Spanish.

I typically work with 3-5 paying patients in parallel, and as part of my Sliding Scale approach I'm able save one slot for pro-bono work. If your economy doesn't allow you to treat yourself, and you'd like to get on my pro-bono waiting list, please use the contact form.

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