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Ahhh, massage, there's nothing like a good massage...

Apart from the in-the-moment joy of getting knots and kinks worked out, letting go of the worries of the day, and leaving relaxed and/or energised, the after effects make massage therapy a self-care must.

 - direct skin contact increases oxytocin and decreases cortisol, good news for the immune system

 - the effects of regular massage are cumulative on your stress resiliance, as massage is indicated for improved vagal-nerve tone

 - massage improves circulation, getting nutrients all round the body, boosting cell regeneration and shunting toxins out, improving the feel and appearance of skin 

Luces calientes

"Quiromasaje" is a manual therapy performed on bare skin, with towels for discretion, to relax the body and soul and relieve muscle aches and pains. Sometimes the source of the pain is a trigger point, radiating pain to different areas.

I specialise in back and neck massage - it's no coincidence that this is where I carry my stress ;-) - and recommend, if you suffer in this area, getting preventative or maintenance treatments rather than waiting til something pings and you are in pain or immobilised. But if it comes to that, I can help you too!

Many clients enjoy the extra comforting and relaxing combination of Therapeutic massage with a shot of Reiki to start or finish off with.

For extra impact, working with EFT on the emotional causes that trigger muscle contractions is an ideal way for you to enjoy massage therapy as a treat, and not just a treatment.

Luces calientes
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