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Sliding Scales - what and why?

Gliding Investment Scale:

For each 60* minute coaching session you will choose an amount between €150 (my full rate) and € 75

What you choose in that range is completely up to you, and it can vary from session to session, and will not influence my
doing the best I can for you. I do ask that you pick an amount that feels mutually generous and balanced to you, and inspires you to
take your commitment to yourself seriously.

I choose a sliding scale for a number of reasons. I'll confess my demons first


I'll admit, asking for money for my services is still a work in progress, and one that I don't prioritise - there, I've said it.

Second, I think of myself as a client and think there are many things I don't do because with the mere sight of the price - or even worse, if I need to go through a call process to find out - I know it's beyond my budget, or my perceived amount I can spend , shhh, on myself. Again, a work in progress - so if it is for me, it may well be for my clients too. And that's worth working on too.

OK, now for the "I want to live in a better world" reasons!

Some people really do not have the extra money to spare. Fact. I'm not talking about those on the poverty line; I think I would need social worker skills and probably better Spanish and hearing to help those people. I'm talking about collectives who just don't earn that much, that when they have extra money they spend it on the family,

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