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Unlike therapeutic massage, you lie fully clothed on a treatment bed, and I  place my hands on your head and body in different positions, allowing the energy in your body to come into resonance with the energy I am channelling. This elicits a profound self-healing response from within you.

It is a deeply relaxing experience, where you may feel different pleasant sensations, you may drift off, you may even yawn,  giggle or cry - all signs of moving into parasympathetic nervous system dominance, that is, from flight/fight/freeze into rest and digest. You may feel nothing different, but find yourself enjoyably relaxed and refreshed afterwards and notice positive changes in yourself in the coming days and weeks. There are no goals set, or expected results, in the world of Reiki we understand that the energy works for your highest good and healing as the whole neuroendocrine system is rebalanced.

Whereas EFT  is very focussed on the issue you would like to transform, Reiki is not directed to any specific area of your body or life, but will help you achieve a more global state of harmony and balance.

Using Reiki as a bridge to a meditative state, where your subconscious is particularly open to suggestion, can make a session of EFT even more powerful. 

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